Kaido no Yume IX

Maro stroked Kohath's fur, holding him and purring in his ear to calm him down, but he was very shaken and it was awhile before he was able to stand on his own.

The room was long and narrow, brightly-lit at the entrance but dim at the far end, where there was a throne. Kohath could see that the throne was empty, but his mind refused to believe it—something was there.

"This is the most sera place on the island—in the whole world. We cannot see them, but we know there are many kerobin here, guarding the seat of the Silence. To approach, they must let you pass."

Maro moved forward, fading into invisibility as the shadows covered him. Kohath tried to follow him, but an unseen hand blocked his way and he was compelled to take several steps backward.

The barrier had spoken to him. But the message came not through a voice but through an emotional impulse so strong he knew it must be communication.

you are a loathsome creature.

Maro stepped backwards through the barrier.

Kohath began to feel the enormity of himself as Nyaiya passed through.

a detestable creature.
subject to sickness.
subject to weakness.
subject to time.
subject to death.

Nyaiya stepped backwards through the barrier.

you are not worthy to approach,
but i love you anyway.
come forward!

Terrified, Kohath passed through.