About RhophounmÍkhari

(First posted to Arda-Lang, 10 Aug 2001.)

Current Henaudute version:

an mataire rhophoun.mÍkhari.

photakre kheisi.phapin, ha lorholÍ peises naklallute.
phinni pitarre pai liphÍs luttÍ.
batakhre mi takma husthe.
ar khatamne, has mi.neu outane.
rhophoun.mÍkhari gatathre phol thalen.
phinni aga.lotarre.
luttÍ notarre... notarre... ha!
atakhre nothen rheu.
nurto tatambre mÍkha.
letatre mi Ídma has hun pai.pitarre has hun nutaike ag.our.


This happened to RhophounmÍkhari.

She was gathering kheisiphape to stuff a pillow for her children.
Now, from the mountain came a wolf cub.
It hid itself in tall grass.
I saw it, and laughed to myself.
RhopounmÍkhari lay down under a tree.
Now, she was falling asleep.
The wuff went... going... ha!
It bit her finger.
She nearly died of fright.
She fled into the lake and wouldn't come out and we couldn't stop laughing.

About DÍnadÍ

(First posted to Arda-Lang, 8 Aug 2001.)

Current Henaudute version:

dÍnadÍ tÍre aite neu, h'an dÍna kheunin neu i.udne.
garÍs thÍthÍ pirne... mÍthÍ hau.bralthÍ tÍre, ha lo.rhanumne.
lŻe kheunin neu lo.inuse ka.dÍnale hun.daphtha.
paluthre dÍnen theneu,
pholukre mazen theneu,
has holupre rhopten theneu.


DÍnadÍ is my name, for I am a tall man of my people.
I come from a distant country.. it is twelve nights I have been walking.
My people's water has been poisoned by the contemptible man Hundaphtha
He will kill our men,
Carry off our women,
And eat our dogs.

A Curse

(First posted to Arda-Lang, 7 Aug 2001.)

Current Henaudute version:

bainne mazen leu, ha hun phaÔrte
bainne khassan leu, ha ouÔte
bainne delÍn leu, ha hun teÔldre

(See this text in Henaudute script.)


I curse your women, that they may not give birth;
I curse your bones, that they break;
I curse your tongue, that it may not speak.